Camping Trekking

In a camping trek you will be accommodated in tents and all meals will be provide for you form the camp cook site. Toilet facilities will be provide in the form of pit toilets and washing facilities will be minimal. When organized by a company, everything will be provided for you as well as the porters to carry everything you need. Camping is a fun and social way of trekking esp. in large groups. If trekking independently on a camping trek, you should note that In populated areas you may be camping on sites near to tea house which means that toilets and showers may be available to you (you rent the site from the tea house for a small cost) and food and fuel supplies can be readily purchased or you can dine in a teahouse.. In remote areas you will be in the wilderness and no such facilities will be available, it is necessary to carry all required food and supplies with you. You should be well researched and prep pared on such trips. Though if trekking in a group a company will take care of everything for you.